Volstead Act Collapse III, 10-11


Government poisoning of alcohol began in 1906.


SEC. 10. Upon the filing of application and bond and issuance of permit denaturing plants may be established upon the premises of any industrial alcohol plant, or elsewhere, and shall be used exclusively for the denaturation of alcohol by the admixture of such denaturing materials as shall render the alcohol, or any compound in which it is authorized to be used, unfit for use as an intoxicating beverage.

SEC. 11. Alcohol produced at any industrial alcohol plant or stored in any bonded warehouse may, under regulations, be withdrawn tax-free as provided by existing law from such plant or warehouse for transfer to any denaturing plant for denaturation, or may, under regulations, before or after denaturation, be removed from any such plant or warehouse for any lawful tax-free purpose.

Spirits of less proof than one hundred and sixty degrees may, under regulations, be deemed to be alcohol for the purpose of denaturation, under the provisions of this title.

Alcohol may be withdrawn, under regulations, from any industrial plant or bonded warehouse tax free by the United States or any governmental agency thereof, or by the several States and Territories or any municipal subdivision thereof or by the District of Columbia, or for the use of any scientific university or college of learning, any laboratory for use exclusively in scientific research, or for use in any hospital or sanatorium.

But any person permitted to obtain alcohol tax free, except the United States and the several States and Territories and subdivisions thereof, and the District of Columbia, shall first apply for and secure a permit to purchase the same and give the bonds prescribed under title II of this Act, but alcohol withdrawn for non-beverage purposes for use of the United States and the several States, Territories and subdivisions thereof, and the District of Columbia may be purchased and withdrawn subject only to such regulations as may be prescribed.

 - - -

When Theodore Roosevelt was President and Commander of the War Against Race Suicide, someone in Washington came up with the brilliant idea of adding poisonous wood alcohol to ethanol. This was referred to as "denaturation," lest voters decipher any glimmer of comprehension that the Political State had opted for deliberate blinding and actual murder by poisoning of U.S. residents reacting with insufficient smartness and obeisance to the high excise tax Christianity saw fit to impose on the Demon Rum.

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