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Volstead Act World War III, 1-4

Typical German poster in 1919 ( link )  Title III. INDUSTRIAL ALCOHOL. Sec. 1. When used in this title— The term “alcohol” means that substance known as ethyl alcohol, hydrated oxide of ethyl, or spirit of wine, from whatever source or whatever processes produced. The term “container” includes any receptacle, vessel, or form of package, tank, or conduit used or capable of use for holding, storing, transferring, or shipment of alcohol. INDUSTRIAL ALCOHOL PLANTS AND WAREHOUSES. Sec. 2 Any person now producing alcohol shall, within thirty days after the passage of this Act, make application to the commissioner for registration of his industrial alcohol plant, and as soon thereafter as practicable the premises shall be bonded and permit may issue for the operation of such plant, and any person hereafter establishing a plant for the production of alcohol shall likewise before operation make application, file bond, and receive permit . Sec. 3. Warehouses for the storage and distribution of