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Volstead Act Collapse, II-36

The Democratic Platform of 1924 took note of heroin use ( link )  That year foreign submarines were photographed in the Hudson River ( link ) SEC. 36 . If any provision of this Act shall be held invalid it shall not be construed to invalidate other provisions of the Act . SEC. 37 . Nothing herein shall prevent the storage in United States bonded warehouses of all liquor manufactured prior to the taking effect of this Act, or prevent the transportation of such liquor to such warehouses or to any wholesale druggist for sale to such druggist for purposes not prohibited when the tax is paid, and permits may be issued therefor. A manufacturer of any beverage containing less than one-half of 1 per centum of alcohol by volume may, on making application and giving such bond as the commissioner shall prescribe, be given a permit to develop in the manufacture thereof by the usual methods of fermentation and fortification or otherwise a liquid such as beer, ale, porter, or wine, containing more