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Volstead Act Totalitarianism II-26

  Superstition, Pseudoscience and Sumptuary Law Looting SEC 26. When the commissioner , his assistants, inspectors, or any officer of the law shall discover any person in the act of transporting in violation of the law, intoxicating liquors in any wagon, buggy, automobile, water or air craft, or other vehicle, it shall be his duty to seize any and all intoxicating liquors found therein being transported contrary to law. Whenever intoxicating liquors transported or possessed illegally shall be seized by an officer he shall take possession of the vehicle and team or automobile, boat, air or water craft, or any other conveyance, and shall arrest any person in charge thereof. Such officer shall at once proceed against the person arrested under the provisions of this title in any court having competent  jurisdiction; but the said vehicle or conveyance shall be returned to the owner upon execution by him of a good and valid bond , with sufficient sureties, in a sum double the value of the