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Prohibition, Financial Crisis, WAR

  Who was Germany's ally in WW1? (Amounts in kilos) If you guessed Turkey , you identified the German ally These United States exempted from a declaration of war in 1917 and shielded from accountability for genocidal extermination of Armenians. The graph does NOT tell you that the 6400 kg of opium China shipped to Germany came in large part from confiscated shipments after the 1911 revolt that ousted the Qing Empire and ended foreign dumping of opiates. Prohibition zealots are good at eliding inconvenient facts, but to understand how prohibition wrecks national economies it helps to understand that the freer the trade, the wealthier the nation. Does that mean that adding coercive meddling via deadly force impoverishes an economy? Let's find out.  My government-mandated History classes at UTexas thrilled at the showdown between banker Nicholas Biddle and President Andrew Jackson over the primitive national bank and were given to understand the Panic of 1837 resulted from that