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The Versailles Prohibition Treaty

  The Versailles pact was the successful outcome of China using the USA to ban plant products Go ahead and ask Google : "What did the Versailles treaty do?" The corporate answers are dissembling lies. Americans, who mostly have never read the treaty or its Siamese-Twin corollary, the Charter of the League of Nations, are surprised, shocked, to learn the conflict is rooted in events of 1836.  Americans are vaguely aware there was a "Panic" in 1837, with financial crashes, a severe economic depression and considerable violence in the streets.  Stories cobbled to explain away the whole thing abound. Democrats urge readers to accept Andrew Jackson's suspicion of a central bank as the sole and ultimate cause. Republicans smugly add that charging payment in gold for government (meaning Indian) land caused a liquidity crunch. None of the stories mention that Mexico was China's trading partner , or that Texas was at war with Mexico in 1836 . Nor will the reader se