Herbert Hoover and Adolf Hitler


Herbert Hoover tosses Moratorium Bait to Europeans

The Great War of 1914-1918 resulted in the Versailles surrender treaty and several Armistice agreements, all of them bristling with references to chemical drugs and narcotics nobody ever mentions. The Versailles treaty also demanded that Germany pay for damage done by WW1. The US refused to charge Germany reparations but did expect repayment of loans taken by many European nations during that war. Those worthies in turn demanded the German reparations out of which they imagined they'd pay those loans outstanding. Thirteen years later Germans and everyone else were trying everything to get out of those payments. Herbert Hoover "seen his chance" to fasten on another narcotics convention building onto seldom-mentioned  narcotics limitation plans advanced in 1929 and 1930 within the League of Nations.  

On 22APR1931 the Hoover Administration roped Germany into an Extradition Treaty not very different from one entered into earlier with Canada, to allow the US to demand the surrender of alleged "narcotics" law violators. Extradition treaties with Finland and Rumania made no mention of drugs. But treaties made with France, Lithuania, Cuba and Germany while rum, wine and watery beer were treated like narcotics in America did indeed contain drug clauses, viz: Treaty of Extradition. "Crimes or offenses against the laws for the suppression of the traffic in narcotics."

America still held German plants and factories administered by the Alien Property Custodian since the war, and Merck operated a drug plant in the anti-prohibitionist State of New Jersey. The extradition  treaty meant the United States could drag millionaires on the boards of Merck, Farben and other giant conglomerates in handcuffs to the USA to face drug charges. Big Pharma was chafing under reparations. German assets were being held under the "Trading with the Enemy Act" and income tax dangers of the sort jailing Al Capone also loomed. German tycoons viewed with alarm the admittance of representatives from countries that did NOT manufacture drugs to League of Nations bureaucracies urging the passage of drug laws. Banks were collapsing, creditors closing in. Resourceful industrialists looked about them for a champion--any belligerent, xenophobic, populist preacher able to sway the opinions of millions of voters would do. 

Adolf Hitler now obtruded very prominently upon their notice. Headlines had blared for weeks: FORTY THOUSAND GERMAN REPUBLICANS DEMONSTRATE IN BERLIN, GERMANY CRUSHED BY WORLD WAR DEBTS, RIOTS AGAINST EMERGENCY TAXES SPREAD IN GERMANY, REICHSBANK RAISES DISCOUNT RATE TO CURB EXCHANGE DRAIN, NEW MOVEMENT FOR DEBT CANCELLATION, REDUCTION IN REPARATIONS SOUGHT BY GERMANY... Hitler's name appeared in American newspapers after Nazi party vote totals in Oldenberg increased by a factor of five

GERMAN DECLARES HOOVER POPULAR IN HIS COUNTRY, Dr Wilhelm Hubben:... communists have been waiting for trouble between fascists and government... Says Hitler Losing--"I am convinced that Hitler, the so-called leader of the Fascists or National Socialists, is losing ground... a man with the ideals of Mussolini and the mustachios of a Charlie Chaplin." "We have no less than fourteen political parties, seven or eight of which are in the lead." See original: (link)

We will searchingly examine how Chinese boycotts enlisted American support for international suppression of plant leaves, extracts and chemical drugs, and ask whether this combination of interests may have unintentionally precipitated global warfare in 1914, then again in 1939. 

Good Reading: Our Man in Tokyo by Steve Kemper. Hoover's ambassador to Japan is kept on the job by FDR. Ambassador Grew struggled through a series of crises oddly synchronized with U.S. and League of Nations tightening of restrictions on all manner of drugs. (link

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What caused The Crash?

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Tagged: prohibition, confiscation, asset forfeiture, initiation of force, blackouts, energy crisis, liquidation, liquidity, bankruptcy, Crash, Depression, communism, inviting attack, treason, economic collapse,

Tags: asset forfeiture, bankruptcy, blackouts, communism, confiscation, Crash, Depression, economic collapse, energy crisis, initiation of force, inviting attack, liquidation, liquidity, prohibition, panics, fractional reserve banking,


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