Volstead Act Totalitarianism, Sections 10-12

Victimless "crime" laws bring lawyers more clients. 

SEC. 10. No person shall manufacture, purchase for sale, sell, or transport any liquor without making at the time a permanent record thereof showing in detail the amount and kind of liquor manufactured, purchased, sold, or transported, together with the names and addresses of the persons to whom sold, in case of sale, and the consignor and consignee in case of transportation, and the time and place of such manufacture, sale, or transportation. The commissioner may prescribe the form of such record, which shall at all times be open to inspection as in this Act provided. 

SEC. 11. All manufacturers and wholesale or retail druggists shall keep as a part of the records required of them a copy of all permits to purchase on which a sale of any liquor is made, and no manufacturer or wholesale druggist shall sell or otherwise dispose of any liquor except at wholesale and only to persons having permits to purchase in such quantities. 

SEC. 12. All persons manufacturing liquor for sale under the provisions of this title shall securely and permanently attach to every container thereof, as the same is manufactured, a label stating name of manufacturer, kind and quantity of liquor contained therein, and the date of its manufacture, together with the number of the permit authorizing the manufacture thereof; and all persons possessing such liquor in wholesale quantities shall securely keep and maintain such label thereon; and all persons selling at wholesale shall attach to every package of liquor, when sold, a label setting forth the kind and quantity of liquor contained therein, by whom manufactured, the date of sale, and the person to whom sold; which label shall likewise be kept and maintained thereon until the liquor is used for the purpose for which such sale was authorized.


The Fourth Amendment was written to preclude government agents goosestepping into privately-owned premises to paw through papers. By 1924, the Marron case out of San Francisco was headed to the Supreme Court. There, the new Force Amendments (Manifesto income tax and eugenic Prohibition), tossed the Bill of Rights out of the nest of government like a cowbird killing off siblings.(link

The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 was sold to the populace as truth in advertising. But it immediately became a mill of self-incrimination into fines, forfeitures and prison terms based on arbitrary labeling rules invented by bureaucrats. The law took effect in 1907 and by fall of that year the Panic of 1907 had wrecked the economy into a lengthy depression.(link) By blaming the imaginary hobgoblin of "speculation," Teedy Rosenfeld deflected scrutiny of the real cause of the Panic, Crash and Depression.(link) Camouflaging the causal effect of prohibitionism made it possible for the mistake to be repeated. Instead of informing consumers, labels soon  identified heretics for the wrath of ignorant mobs.(link)

"All persons" is another fiction, because cops and dry agents promptly formed liquor rings and, when caught, demanded immunity from prosecution, just like today.(link

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