Volstead Act Totalitarianism, Section 9

Guilty until proven innocent, 1925 (link)

SEC. 9. If at any time there shall be filed with the commissioner a complaint under oath setting forth facts showing, or if the commissioner has reason to believe, that any person who has a permit is not in good faith conforming to the provisions of this Act, or has violated the laws of any State relating to intoxicating liquor, the commissioner or his agent shall immediately issue an order citing such person to appear before him on a day named not more than thirty and not less than fifteen days from the date of service upon such permittee of a copy of the citation, which citation shall be accompanied by a copy of such complaint, or in the event that the proceedings be initiated by the commissioner with a statement of the facts constituting the violation charged, at which time a hearing shall be had unless continued for cause. Such hearings shall be held within the judicial district and within fifty miles of the place where the offense is alleged to have occurred, unless the parties agree on another place. If it be found that such person has been guilty of willfully violating any such laws, as charged, or has not in good faith conformed to the provisions of this Act, such permit shall be revoked, and no permit shall be granted to such person within one year thereafter. Should the permit be revoked by the commissioner, the permittee may have a review of his decision before a court of equity in the manner provided in section 5 hereof. During the pendency of such action such permit shall be temporarily revoked.


Observe that allegations are given factual weight by appeal to a hand on the Bible, and "facts" or "complaints" are interpreted as whatever the commissioner wants to believe, namely, "charges." Section 5, as we've seen, is similar palming off of faith-based assumptions.(link) The predictable result of putting such absolute and unquestionable power in the hands of thralls of pseudoscience and mysticism took only five years to metastasize into the sort of nationwide totalitarian meddling endemic to Russia, and that would soon spread across Germany, thanks to the pseudoscience of eugenics and burden of proof of innocence where evidence is a subjective feeling.

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