Volstead Act Totalitarianism, Section 8


Distillers boycott dry whiskey, August 1929

SEC. 8. The commissioner shall cause to be printed blanks for the prescriptions herein required, and he shall furnish the same, free of  cost, to physicians holding permits to prescribe. The prescription blanks shall be printed in book form and shall be numbered consecutively from one to one hundred, and each book shall be given a number, and the stubs in each book shall carry the same numbers as and be copies of the prescriptions. The books containing such stubs shall be returned to the commissioner when the prescription blanks have been used, or sooner, if directed by the commissioner. All unused, mutilated, or defaced blanks shall be returned with the book. No physician shall prescribe and no pharmacist shall fill any prescription for liquor except on blanks so provided, except in cases of emergency, in which event a record and report shall be made and kept as in other cases.(link


So why were only three distillers bidding on the government contract ten years after the Volstead Act became law? August 1929 was the first month in which former Assistant Attorney-General Mabel Willebrandt published several installments of her syndicated tell-all series on Prohibition in some two-dozen newspapers nationwide.(link

Prohibition had already crashed the economy in 1920

Willebrandt revealed how the Bureau of Internal Revenue had been co-opted into an armed posse for the war on Beelzebub's Beer and The Demon Rum. Investors who read the papers could not see how any good could come of freshman President Hoover's "new race" purification policies coupled with the Wesley Livsey Jones Five and Ten law.(link) The law, in its infinite majesty, made a crime--not of violence, but of trade and production.(link) How did that work out for America?

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