Volstead Act Totalitarianism, Section 7


Initiation of force as Panacea!

Volstead Act Totalitarianism, Section 7

Sec. 7. No one but a physician holding a permit to prescribe liquor shall issue any prescription for liquor. And no physician shall prescribe liquor unless after careful physical examination of the per­son for whose use such prescription is sought, or if such examination is found impracticable, then upon the best information obtainable, he in good faith believes that the use of such liquor as a medicine by such person is necessary and will afford relief to him from some known ailment. Not more than a pint of spirituous liquor to be taken internally shall be prescribed for use by the same person within any period of ten days and no prescription shall be filled more than once. Any pharmacist filling a prescription shall at the time indorse upon it over his own signature the word “canceled,” together with the date when the liquor was delivered, and then make the same a part of the record that he is required to keep as herein provided.

Every physician who issues a prescription for liquor shall keep a record, alphabetically arranged in a book prescribed by the commissioner, which shall show the date of issue, amount prescribed, to whom issued, the purpose or ailment for which it is to be used and directions for use, stating, the amount and frequency of the dose.

So medical eugenics is an important facet of the Prohibition Law, and has been from the outset: (link)

Collectivism unmasked...

But hormesis measurements show that alcohol in the prescribable dose range actually reduces the death rate, just as radiation a little above background levels reduces the death rate.(link) Nobody knows the effect of absolutely no exposure to ionizing radiation because there is no place the experiment can be performed. 

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