Volstead Act Totalitarianism part 2


Capital ships serving wine were liable to confiscation

Sec. 3. Any room, house, building, boat, vehicle, structure, or place of any kind where intoxicating liquor is sold, manufactured, kept for sale, or bartered in violation of the War Prohibition Act, and all intoxicating liquor and all property kept and used in maintaining such a place, is hereby declared to be a public and common nuisance, and any person who maintains or assists in maintaining such public and common nuisance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not less than $100 nor more than $1000, or be imprisoned for not less than 30 days or more than one year, or both. If a person has knowledge that his property is occupied or used in violation of the provisions of the War Prohibition Act and suffers the same to be so used, such property shall be subject to a lien for, and may be sold to pay, all fines and costs assessed against the occupant of such building or property for any violation of the War Prohibition Act occurring after the passage hereof, which said lien shall attach from the time of the filing of notice of the commencement of the suit in the office where the records of the transfer of real estate are kept; and any such lien may be established and enforced by legal action instituted for that purpose in any court having jurisdiction. Any violation of this title upon any leased premises by the lessee or occupant thereof shall, at the option of the lessor, work a forfeiture of the lease.


Bear in mind that word "forfeiture." This is the process whereby armed minions of The Political State are ordered by altruist politicians to confiscate and loot entire properties, irrespective of whether mortgaged or not. This paragraph was lustily enforced to include confiscation of large ocean liners flying the flags of civilized nations in which violence--not trade and production--was illegal. The enforcement methods were the same as in the 1862 tax law with which American attorney Lysander Spooner took issue in 1868, when he described the method of enforcement:

If he refuses to comply, seize and sell enough of his property to pay not only our demands, but all your own expenses and trouble beside.  If he resists the seizure of his property, call upon the bystanders to help you (doubtless some of them will prove to be members of our band).  If, in defending his property, he should kill any of our band who are assisting you, capture him at all hazards; charge him (in one of our courts) with murder, convict him, and hang him.  If he should call upon his neighbors, or any others who, like him, may be disposed to resist our demands, and they should come in large numbers to his assistance, cry out that they are all rebels and traitors; that "our country" is in danger; call upon the commander of our hired murderers; tell him to quell the rebellion and "save the country," cost what it may.  Tell him to kill all who resist, though they should be hundreds of thousands, and thus strike terror into all others similarly disposed.  See that the work of murder is thoroughly done; that we may have no further trouble of this kind hereafter.  When these traitors shall have thus been taught our strength and our determination, they will be good loyal citizens for many years, and pay their taxes without a why or a wherefore. (link)

England, erstwhile borrower and ally in the War Against the Accursed Hun, nearly broke off diplomatic relations over Coast Guard piracy, but this was not fit to print in dry newspapers.

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